TRIP MACHINE Royal Enfield Interceptor or Continental 650 - Black Leat – LEGACY85

TRIP MACHINE Royal Enfield Interceptor or Continental 650 - Black Leather Side Panel Bags


The wingman side panel bags serves as a reliable companion. This luggage system replaces the mundane side panels of the standard Royal Enfield twins (Interceptor & Continental GT) providing a more functional and practical solution.

The bags seamlessly integrate with the 650's design, creating a factory-fresh look. Mounting the bags on the stock side panels was never an option due to the poor fit and reduced storage capacity. Cleverly designed robust flat panels solve these issues. Additionally, the plates can double as stand-alone pieces.

Crafted from high-quality Trip Machine leather, the bags are durable and will age gracefully. The convenient push button system allows for easy access while a unique zip puller offers added security.

The simple push button system allows the bag to be opened in a snap and a unique zip puller also allows the bag to be locked.

Height 20 cm x width 30 / 15 cm x depth 6,5cm, 3,5L

The right side also features a small tool kit mount, perfect for storing the original tools from royal enfield.

A short video to show how you fit them