Baruffaldi Classic Retro Vintage Motorcycle Goggles Speed 4 (2 Lenses) – LEGACY85

Baruffaldi Speed 4 Goggles *2 Lenses*


The Baruffaldi company dates back as far as 1932 when it started designing and manufacturing protective eyewear in Milan. Thereafter, Baruffaldi became iconic as the leading Italian brand for ski and moto-goggles. Their innovative and patented hand made products are designed and produced in-house by young enthusiastic craftsman. 

Baruffaldi Speed 4 Goggles 210 Black Rim

Speed 4 goggles resonate well with the retro, classic, vintage era but with all the benefits of modern day design and technology. The goggles come with two (2) tinted interchangeable over lenses that simply popper onto the existing goggles.

  • Foam padded mask surround
  • Rubber frame
  • Adjustable elasticated band
  • Anti-slip rubber on the inside of the band to prevent slipping
  • 2x tinted visors (smoke tinted and orange)