Wildust Sisters - Tube - Red Chili – LEGACY85

Wildust Sisters - Tube - Red Chili


This is a nomadic version of our traditional scarf... A tube; super easy to wear, and matching with everything. As a perfect neck warmer, it will cover your nose and protect your face every time you go out for a ride session. 

Its material is super stretchable and highly resistant, so the tube really fits your face and holds tight under the helmet. We can't wait for you to try it on and discover its performances.

Actually, this little piece of scarf is really useful and needs high quality standards. Hell, yes, because if it is too thin or too light, or even not tight enough, its use can turn your ride into a real nightmare!! Making unpleasant wrinkles or falling down your face every 5 seconds... But don't worry, we tested this for you, and as we wanted to produce a high quality product, like we are used to, we required high standards and decided to produce in France. And you know what, this is a big success you need to try 

Exclusive design by Wildust, inspired with adventure, a touch of bad ass spirit and lots of fun.  Enjoy girls ! 

90% Polyamide / 10% Elasthane
Technical material, cold-fighting, super stretch

Made in France