Wildust Sisters - Tube - Green Bay – LEGACY85

Wildust Sisters - Tube - Green Bay


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An exclusive design, in limited edition...

We wanted to propose an alternative to our moto scarf, a nomadic and lighter version, that is easy to wear and also brings good protection.

This tube answers high requirements: Highly stretchable and very resistant, it is made to be strong and fit perfectly your face. We are well aware that many of the tubes are too light, wrinkles under the helmet or fall down your face when you ride... This is not what you might expect with our tube. We worked on a very specific and qualitative material, and shared our vision with a french factory, who accepted to work with our standards. We really hope you'll it !

As for the design, we wanted to find something feminine, inspired with travel, adventure and moto culture. Let's mix it all together with a touch of vintage style, and we're done ! Enjoy girls !

90% Polyamide / 10% Elasthane
Technical material, cold-fighting, super stretch

Made in France