Wildust Sisters - Vegas Tank-shirt – LEGACY85

Wildust Sisters - Vegas Tank-shirt


WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS, BABY ! We had announced the colour! The conquest of the West is the main theme of this Summer 23 collection...

It is impossible not to make a reference to this symbolic city, lost in the middle of the desert. 

About two centuries ago, Las Vegas, in the heart of Western America, was only a small area in the middle of the Mojave Desert and the mountains of Southern Nevada. 

Now let us tell you the story of this beautiful tank top... Each new creation is a journey, so you'll have to close your eyes, imagine yourself on one of those mythical highways crossing Texas, Arizona and California, to come across this bright and vintage sign "WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS"! If the shape of the design tells you anything, it's because you have the same refs as us! The big illuminated sign that welcomes you at the entrance of this crazy and recreational oasis that is Vegas, is the one we wanted to redesign, a symbol of the 70's, a period when the city was literally exploding! Symbol of a whole generation of Americans in love with freedom and motorized travels, reckless adventurers having travelled through the neighbouring deserts, and landing in this crazy and contrasting bubble that is the incredible Vegas.   

So much for the journey! As for the T-Shirt, as you may have noticed, it is a Tank-Shirt, that is to say a tank top version! Basically a straight cut T-Shirt, with the sleeves removed, for the rock and casual side. We love the retro rock look it gives. With the right cut, the great elasticity and the lightness of the cotton fabric of this too cool piece, be comfortable and free to roam during your greatest trips!