Fuel Peak Vest – LEGACY85

Fuel Peak Vest


The "Peak" vest design was inspired by WW2 pilot life jackets, meant to be manually inflated if falling into the water. This is why you can see the phrases stamped next to the hydration pack (“Tube for hydration” and “Keep closed after use”).

A water-resistant oilskin cotton vest with multiple front pockets and a compartment with a 3ltr hydration pack in the back. It comes in a numbered edition, which means each vest is unique, and with time its appearance will only improve.   

Great addition to your off-road kit particularly with the onboard hydration station!

The technical bits:

  • 12 Oz oiled canvas
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Cotton lining
  • Multiple pockets
  • A compartment with a 3L hydration pack in the back