Eudoxie Gloves - Pop – LEGACY85

Eudoxie Gloves - Pop


The first gloves Eudoxie! Gloves with incredible details, to complete your biker outfit, and give you the look you deserve on your bike!


  • Real gloves Eudoxie
  • Leather Gloves Approved to EN13594:2015
  • Tightened at the wrist
  • Breathable lining
  • Very soft, high quality leather
  • Tactile index finger and thumb
  • Flexible insert to let the rings through
  • RIDE LIKE A GIRL on the fingers
  • Colours Black / White / Gold
  • Strap to keep them in place

  • After a first edition of 100 gloves, Eudoxie has decided to manufacture its own series of gloves! For an even more premium quality to take you riding to the end of the world! Two variants available (GOLD or POP)! 

    We wanted to reinvent the gloves and above all add a little fun to our wrinkles!

    Gloves: Size Guide

    Approval of gloves

    These gloves are CE approved, EN13594:2015, which guarantees level 1 protection in case of a fall.

    Description of the gloves

    Find fun, style and unique quality at Eudoxie ! Unique gloves that we offer you here. They are thin and close to the hand to ensure ease of movement and comfort when riding. They tighten at the wrist for a better fit.

    They have tactile fingers on the thumb and forefinger, because we know that is always useful!

    Our gloves are also constructed as soft armour. Metacarpals and palms are reinforced for flexibility, safety and comfort while driving.

    On the left hand, the one used to make the famous "V" which allows to greet the other bikers, we wanted to add our touch "Eudoxie". You can read our famous phrase "Ride Like a Girl " as a signature of our crew, and a greeting when you ride!

    To remind you of the racing side of things, a checkerboard has also been printed on the palm of the hand, that's our little vintage racing side. In terms of colour, the Gold gloves will add a badass look to all your wrinkles! You'll only see the rock side of you! In black, white and gold, this pair is the perfect combination of class and sobriety on the bike!

    On the practical side, a strap has been added! With it, you won't be able to drop your gloves! In short, we've thought of everything to make your life easier!

    The leather is premium and breathable. The material is thermoregulating so that you are neither too hot nor too cold.

    The cut of the gloves

    The leather of this glove has been tested to resist abrasion and tearing. The elongated shape of the cuff makes it easy to put on the gloves and to cover this part in case of slipping. Treated and softened, it will take on a patina as you go on your road trips and adventures.

    We are very proud of these gloves, made with love, to always satisfy our dear bikers. And to bring you even more quality, we made them ourselves!

    The perfect combination of safety, style and comfort.