Wildust Sisters Socks - Ride Bikes Have Fun – LEGACY85

Wildust Sisters Socks - Ride Bikes Have Fun


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A little more fun and some new stuff in the Wildust socks collection! Even if the design is different, the main qualities of these socks are preserved: Same material, same cut, same comfort... And always a French manufacture. We chose to go with plain colours, but to keep the sassy tone of ours, with a message drawn on the side of the sock. FUEL YOUR DREAM, or MAKE LIFE EPIC to inspire many and many not to forget to live their dreams, and even to "ride" them! A nice RIDE BIKES HAVE FUN model for free and uninhibited spirits, and finally the ROAD TRIP BABE model for wild spirits and road trippers! Oh, and last but not least : Did you noticed that our Wildust caps "matches" perfectly with our socks!

Original Wildust design

  • 100% cotton