Resurgence Men's Cargo Trousers


Cruiser PEKEV® Men's Cargos, the world's highest, and only, CE EN13595-1 level 2 abrasion rated cargo! It doesn't get any safer. The longest rated slide time of any cargo, let's hope you never have to rely on them, but you can at least wear them knowing you are never likely to risk your skin touching the road if you do. All in a traditional 6 pocket, with zippered side pockets, cotton finish look. Where style meets strength!

Cruiser, deliver everything on your motorcycle trousers wish list: Feel safe & protected, look great and move around comfortably on and off your bike.

  • Made with PEKEV® the world’s toughest polymer based material, exceptionally strong protection against abrasion, motion cuts and road impact.
  • One of the very few CE EN13595-level 2 tested garments, with one of the world’s highest abrasion rating for motorcycle trousers at 8.17 seconds, the only one for Cargo style trousers!.
  • Made from strong, high quality yet soft to touch 100% cotton, fully lined with super abrasion resistant PEKEV®. Extremely light weight and fully functional.
  • Additional side zippers provide quick and easy armour insertion or removal, enhanced with ankle cuff straps to prevent flapping at high speeds.
  • Available in Green, Brown, Charcoal and Black.
  • KNOX Flexiform CE Knee and Hip Pads included with every pair of PEKEV® Cargo Trousers at no extra cost.

Also available in Green & Black colour