Kytone Flash Corp Hoodie - Black


This is Kytone's par excellence full zip hoodie made from a very thick warm black cotton. Probably the finest hoodie we have every seen!

The hood part is double layered to keep the warmth in and the cold out. The inside is a perfect warm and soft brushed cotton. 

Kytone logo is embroidered in chain stitch on the back and partly on the front reminiscent of the USA 1950s Car and and Moto Clubs.

  • 100% cotton 12.35 oz hoodie
  • Cotton brushed back
  • Heavy duty YKK zipper 
  • Chain stitch embroideries
  • Kytone's emblem randomly stitched on the garment - never in the same place on each garment to ensure absolute uniqueness.
  • Made in Europe