Sportsman was inspired by the FW15 in the 90s.

Hedonist is the perfect open face Hedon lid for those devoted to the ride in the pursuit of unrivalled pleasure. In our widest spectrum of personalities you will always find your perfect partner; paired with either our shield or bubble visor, available in a wide range of colours including smoke and mirror, there’s no reason to never be seen out together. 

• Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre

• Midnight blue base with yellow and white stripes painted shell, gloss finish

• Hed Armour lining with 360″ cushion padding

• Merlin anti-bacterial fabric

• Natural calf leather trim and lining

• Anodised steel coloured brass HEDON plate

• Anodised steel coloured brass hardware

• Anodised steel coloured brass DD buckle

• 3 channels ventilation system

• Ultra light and low profile shell

• 800-900 grams

ECE 2205 (This means they are road legal for all of Europe and the UK)

DOT certified (This means they are road legal for the whole of the United States of America)