KNOX Lite Armour - Shoulder/Elbow


KNOX Lite Armour - Shoulder/Elbow is backordered & usually ships within 48hrs. Call or email us for exact details

Knox Lite CE Protector Part 55

Perfect unobtrusive, low profile design.

Made from lightweight flexible PU and engineered in a 3 dimensional form. As the name suggests, Knox Lite offers a thinner, breathable, lightweight alternative and is an excellent choice for garments where the protector needs to be virtually invisible.
Knox Lite Part 55 is CE certified for the shoulder.

These soft and flexible protectors have fine edges for added comfort and feature 2 hinge points to aid movement. They are fully vented for breathability. The finish is smooth on both sides and the edges are fine.
Knox Lite is also available with an optional Velcro fitting system.

3 other Knox Lite  styles to cover Shoulder, elbow and knee.
Sizes for Men, ladies and kids.
Colour Black
CE approved limb protectors EN1621-1:2012